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Radford Creative Reel Jan 2014 from Thor Radford on Vimeo.

Reel for Radford Creative including some favorite projects from the past few months.

Includes footage from:

A shoot for Bloomberg TV featuring the Seattle Sounders

A Benefits video for

A cooking video featuring Daisly Gordon of Marché in Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Fitness and story videos for Experience Momentum and Verity CU

Music is “Black Gloves” by Goose
Download it on iTunes here:

Mémoires from La Forêt Des Renards on Vimeo.

A short film about Isabelle, a constantly dreaming girl, travelling around the world collecting memoires.

Written & Directed by Bruno Noaro
Styling | Magda Kölner
Actress | Satu Rauhamäki
Voice over | Sophie Meyer

Shot with Canon 7D.
Filmed around Finland and Norway
Music by The Tumbled Sea
Opening Titles // Nils Frahm


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